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A WORD | It's extremely easy to get caught up in the applause of other people's admiration for you. But let me tell you, YOUR admiration of you will always be one of the single most important "hand-claps" you can receive.


Be kind and loving to yourself. Recognize the accomplishments you have made thus far. I mean really, JUST LOOK! You are sooo far ahead of where you were just last year! You should be proud of that. And can I get on you for a second? Don't you EVER minimize your accomplishments based on other people's opinions. EVER! And that's from ME-TO-YOU!


Celebrate how far you've come. You are out here, building your dreams, grinding, SHIFTING things that people have never SEEN before - and that's not just with the tangible things. I'm talking with your MINDSET! CELEBRATE THAT!


Picture and #advertisement for your attention. But don't lose the message, sis! Love on you. Be kind to you. Celebrate your growth. And BE YOUR OWN BIGGEST FAN!


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