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High-Quality Hair Extensions: Three Tips for Finding the Best Hair Extensions for You

High-Quality Hair Extensions: Three Tips for Finding the Best Hair Extensions for You
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Hair extensions are a fabulous way to add a bit of pop to your overall look. Hair extensions deliver volume, vibrancy, and length that you might never be able to achieve on your own. However, finding and achieving the perfect style is not always the most challenging part of this journey.

Instead, finding the perfect bundle of extensions that fit your lifestyle, tone, face shape, and ultimate hair goals can prove to be the real test.


Here are three basic tips for finding the best hair extensions for you.

1. Know Your Hair Textures

First, you want to know the differences between the various hair extensions in the hair extension and wig line market place and which textures might blend best with your natural hair texture.


Peruvian hair is of coarse texture and naturally possesses volume. These qualities make it a fan-favorite among women of color because of its ability to blend. Current textures available include curly, wavy and straight.

Brazilian hair is available in curly, wavy, and straight textures and blends well with natural hair textures of various origins.


Malaysian hair is a smooth, silky texture but one that is ripe with volume. It blends nicely with most hair textures.

2. Know Where to High-Quality Hair Extensions

Ultimately, you want to purchase high-quality hair extensions that will not tangle or shed five minutes after coming out of their packaging. You want to choose hair that is durable but will support your styling practices and with hair extension care, last for a minimum of six to twelve months. High-quality hair extensions consist of 100% Remy Human Hair.

There are thousands of online companies and local beauty supply stores selling hair extensions. How will you know that their extensions are the best? Read the reviews of other buyers. You can cruise hair extension community forums and social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Yes, you may bump into some paid reviews, but you will also encounter some other very real reviews along the way.

3. Choose Hair Extensions that Match Upcoming Plans

Finally, choose hair extensions that will best align to each moment slated to occur in your life for the next six to eight weeks. The great thing about hair extensions is that they are versatile. If you are planning to spend time at the gym, attend a wedding and 12 hours a day in the office, you want to wear hair extensions that will fit each of those occasions.

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