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How Many Bundles Do I Need to Buy for My Sew-In Style?

How Many Bundles Do I Need to Buy for My Sew-In Style?
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How Many Bundles Do I Need to Buy for My Sew-In Style?

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Trying to figure out the number of bundles that will be necessary for your next installation will depend on your ultimate hair goals. What is the hairstyle you hope to achieve? Is it short or is it long? How full does your hair need to be and what texture will do your style justice?


All of these are questions you will need to consider when making your choice. For example, if your end goal is glamour and thickness, three bundles of hair ranging in lengths from 16” to 20” may be adequate to do the trick.


Choosing Hair Extensions for Short Hair


If you plan to rock a blunt cut bob, you more than likely will only need to use short extensions and two bundles as opposed to three. For shorter hair, heavier sets (180-220 grams) may be a better option to ensure that you have an adequate number of wefts and that your hair has a sufficient degree of volume. Heavier extensions are particularly beneficial for those who are seeking to blend their hair extensions with their natural hair.


However, if blending is not one of your goals, shorter extensions may be perfect for the look you are hoping to achieve.


Choosing Hair Extensions for Long Hair

If your hair goals include hair that flows mid-way down your back –mermaid style with lots ‘o body, you may have to purchase upwards of five bundles or 220-250 grams. Longer hair has shorter wefts due in part to the weight of the hair.


Are you unsure of which hair extension length is best? Here is a scale hair extensions scale:


  • 24” length: is great for hair that flows down to the waistline of your jeans or slack
  • 20” length: flows just below your bra line
  • 16” length: meets the area between your bra line and shoulders.
  • 14” length: meets the area between your jaw line and your shoulder


Just keep in mind that the longer your hair, the greater the cost to deliver volume and length.