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Protective Styles: How to Care for Your Hair

Protective Styles: How to Care for Your Hair
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How do you care for your natural hair while wearing protective styles? If this question just flew all over you, there is a chance that you may not be doing what is necessary to care for your natural hair and scalp that is resting beneath your lace front wig.


Here are a few tips to get you on the right track to caring for your hair while wearing a protective style.

Avoid Tension Styling

Some protective styles have a bad reputation for causing tension. Take care to ensure that you or the person installing your braids and twists are not creating to much pull on your hair. Too much stress on your hairline can lead to balding along your edges or traction alopecia.

Keep a Clean Scalp

Scalp care is a necessary must-have action while wearing protective styles. Healthy hair begins at the point of growth. If you allow dirt and debris to collect or fail to keep your scalp rich with hydration, you will increase the risk for scalp irritation, inflammation or infections and lead to hair breakage or potentially hair loss.

Moisturize Your Natural Hair

Moisturize your hair while wearing protective styles. Not only does your scalp need moisture, but your hair will crave it as well during this time. Leave-in conditioners and hydrating essential oils like almond oil or castor oil are perfect for hydrating hair hiding beneath a protective style.

Do Not Skip Bedtime Care Rituals

If you are rocking a wig during your protective styling phase, take it off at night. If you are dazzling folks with hair extensions, take care to braid that hair at night rather than allowing it to hang or flow free. You want to avoid having anything that will prevent air from getting to your scalp or tug on the hair nearest your scalp. Invest in a satin cap or silk scarf to decrease manipulation or purchase a silk or satin pillowcase.

These are just a few tips to help you get moving with caring for your natural hair beneath those protect styles. Take action now to protect your hair and scalp from unintentional damage or hair loss.


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