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Meet the Saraeya Hair Brand Creator

Meet the Saraeya Hair Brand Creator
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Cassandra Henderson, the creator of the Saraeya Hair brand, is indisputably a non-traditional idealist. As a wife, mother, professional data consultant and owner of 2 small businesses, Cassandra stays charged by her own affirmation of "If but only to do one thing in this life, live it wholly and freely so that at the end of your life, you are empty."


The Saraeya Hair Brand was born out of Cassandra's alignment with the idea to provide products for women to explore and express their inner creativity.


Cassandra writes:

Cassandra Henderson - Owner of Saraeya Hair



"All hair tells a story which expresses the deep roots of a person's culture, beliefs, and artistic expression. I have always been inspired by women who journey themselves in the exploration of their hair. Whether its a big chop, a cut, color, or extensions, the confidence of a woman is displayed in her countenance and her crown !"






 As the founder of the Saraeya Hair brand, Cassandra focuses on providing quality hair extensions and hair care products, but most importantly providing a platform for women to be inspired to express themselves freely through their hair, gifts, passions, and personal style.


"Every month, we will feature a woman front and center on our website to showcase their success in living their best life. This woman is someone who doesn't conform to social norms, but has tapped into her gifts of creativity, professionalism, and in any arena is inspiring others to do the same. We look forward to sharing the stories of these powerful women month after month. So stay tuned!"


In addition to supporting the growth of the Saraeya Hair Brand, Cassandra also serves as an advocate for Black women in the technology industry. She volunteers at code camps and meetups to teach and discuss technological advancements and how to get it in the hands of a diverse demographic of women.


"The first mega-skill I learned was data development. Six months out of college, I landed a job as a Database Developer and I must say the field has been good to me - providing me transferable skills that I can use in ANY industry. Having a background in tech has allowed me to infuse those skills into the Saraeya Hair Brand. Without tech, the Saraeya Brand would be stuck on a piece of paper somewhere as just an idea. My mission is to share these skills with other women so that they can manifest their ideas."


Cassandra uses life as a tool to tap into her gifts in order to teach others how to tap into theirs. With the Saraeya Hair Brand, she's found a way to merge the love of tech with the love of personal style and creative confidence.


"I embrace all that is good and all that serves in the vortex of my experience with GOD." The Saraeya Hair Brand is a manifestation from the vortex."


Want to learn more about Cassandra and the projects she serves?

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TechDreamHer: @techDreamHer

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For brand partnerships or media related questions please contact her through her personal website or direct message through the respective social media accounts.



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