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What mail carrier is used to ship my orders?

USPS is used to ship out all orders.


Where are orders shipped from?

All orders are shipped from Georgia. 


How long does it take to get my hair after I place my order?

After your order is submitted, it takes 5-7 business days for processing and package drop-off/ pick-up by postal carrier. This duration does not include the actual Postal Service processing and shipping time so please plan orders with a 7-10 day time consideration in mind. 


When are orders processed?

Orders are processed during business hours: Monday through Friday between 10 AM EST and 6 PM EST.  Weekends and Holidays, are not included as an order processing day.


Do you ship out on weekends or holidays?

No. Order processing is done M-F from 10-4 PM EST.


Do you offer pre-orders on up-coming products?

Yes. Whenever there is a new product soon to be released, we will sometimes offer pre-order options. Pre-ordering products allow you to have priority fulfillment once the product is in stock. This means you will have reserved and paid for your product(s) and will be the first to receive them once the products are made available on the website.


Product fulfillment does not follow the same processing and shipping time. Pre-orders are fulfilled when products are made available in our inventory. Be sure to sign up to our mailing list to receive updates on pre-ordered purchase. We use our email system to update you on the status of product installments, processing, fulfillment, and shipping. 


If there is an urgent need for a specific product, we encourage you to purchase products that are currently in stock to avoid delays. Notifications will be sent out when pre-ordered products are back in stock and ready to be sent out.


How are sales and discounts applied to my order?

Sale items are indicated on the product listing.


Discounts are applied at check out. For site-wide discounts, you do not have to input a discount code. For exclusive discounts, enter your discount code at checkout. Discount codes cannot be applied to your order once your order is submitted. 


Be sure to sign up to our mailing list to receive exclusive discounts, offers, and updates on sales and new product launches.


What is a FINAL SALE item or product?

Final Sale Items are items sold at a discounted price due to the moderately altered condition of the product.

Altered Condition consists of the following:

  • Packaging that is either removed from the product or slightly altered
  • Product may have missing elements i.e. Saraeya Lash Palette comes with 3-sets of lashes. A Final Sale lash palette may come with 1-2 lash sets instead of 3 sets, the packaging is removed or slightly worn, lash applicator may be removed.
  • Note: Full disclosure of the item in its AS-IS state is included in the product description. Please read thoroughly. For any questions, please contact the Customer Support Center at

If an item is missing an element or is slightly altered, the product listing will be discounted and sold AS-IS. Please take note that the pictures in the Final Sale Listing show exactly what is included with the product item. The product is sold AS-IS, and cannot be exchanged or returned. 

All FINAL-SALE items are indicated on the actual product on the website. Final sale is kept in the product name for continuity across the website and invoices. 


Can I order on the site and pick up the hair directly from the center?

No. If you order on the site, your order will be shipped via USPS. 


Are clip-ins on a weft?

Yes. All clip-in extensions are attached to a weft for easy clip-in installment. 


How many clip-ins come in a set?

Each set comes with 7 pieces with clips attached to them.


Can I request coloring services?

We currently do not have coloring services. All hair comes in natural brown color. Because the hair is 100% human hair, feel free to solicit coloring services from a professional hair stylist. 


Anything to know about coloring Saraeya Hair extensions?

Yes. Keep in mind that just like your own hair, your natural extensions will require a regular maintenance routine to keep the hair looking good. Note, that over processing the hair will damage the extensions. Bleaching or permanently coloring the hair extensions could potentially modify the curl pattern of the hair texture. 


Notice: we are not responsible for any hair that is damaged due to any post-purchase processing methods.


Can the hair be straightened?

Yes. This hair is 100% human hair and can be straightened. Heat can be applied, however, use sparingly. Just as with your natural hair, too much heat can be damaging. We recommend not using heat higher than 400 degrees. For looser textures, you may want to use an even lower heat setting.


How long does the hair last?

This hair is 100% human hair and can last up to a year or more with proper handling and care. Remember, because this hair is human, you should care and maintain this hair similarly to how you would care for your own hair. Washing your extensions with a low PH, sulfate free shampoo, minimizing the amount of chemicals applied e.g. coloring, bleaching, dyeing, as well as limiting the frequency of direct heat to the bundles will keep your Saraeya extensions looking fresh and vibrant. 


What is the general maintenance method for caring for this hair?

Co-wash/ conditioning methods are great for Saraeya's naturally textured hair extensions. It is also strongly advised to wrap hair up in a silk or satin bonnet every night before laying down. Be sure to add a daily moisturizer to keep curly textured hair fresh and "juicy" looking :-)


Click here to check out our general maintenance guide for our hair extensions. 


How much hair should I purchase?

Be sure to review each product description in detail. We also have a length guide to help you determine the length of extensions you'll need for your desired style.



Saraeya Apparel (t-shirts) come in sizes S-XXL. The material of the shirts is cotton and have a snug fit. Size charts are included on apparel product descriptions as a general guide. Should you have an issue with the fit of your apparel, please contact us as soon as possible at