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When you purchase Saraeya Hair

All Saraeya Hair Extension products undergo a thorough quality control process to ensure you are receiving 100% human hair extensions that best blends with your natural tresses. Extensions are trialed to ensure our hair is: 

  • Cuticle-aligned raw human hair
  • Carefully steam treated for textures that matches hair in its natural state
  • Carefully constructed wefts to minimize shedding 


Our 5-Point Inspection Process Consists of:

Step 1: Human Hair Authentication

We apply the "burn test" to ensure the hair does not melt which would indicate plastic or synthetic hair chemistry.

    Step 2: Weft Inspection

    We ensure that the wefts are double-layered and all cuticles are securely aligned on the wefts.

      Step 3: Filler Inspection

      We ensure that each bundle, clip-in set, and ponytail is void of any fillers, i.e. red, blue, or white strand fabrics that could potentially misrepresent the weight and volume of each unit.

      Step 4: Porosity Inspection

      We ensure our hair extensions have a normal porosity which is the hair's ability to absorb moisture. This is going to be critical in the maintenance and lifetime reuse of the hair extensions. Porosity is broken down into three categories: low, normal and high. If you have low porosity, it means the cuticles of the hair are a little tight and pretty resistant to receiving water and moisture. 

        Step 5:Color Test

        Porosity also plays a part in the hair's ability to lift its natural color or absorb colors. Many people enjoy the option of being able to color their hair extensions. The more porous, the easier it is for the hair extensions to achieve a color other than the natural brown or black it comes.